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Grief Recovery Method Specialist

Jendi Gertz

Jendi Gertz

Jendi comes to Blythe Landry Coaching with an extensive history in the field of mental health. For 20 plus years, she worked in Pennsylvania with adults, children and families coping with severe mental illness and development disabilities. She has a great passion for serving those most in need and is particularly skilled at helping clients find answers to some of their most pressing and hardest to address questions.

In addition to her mental health expertise, Jendi also spent another 20 years in marketing, sales and executive business development. She worked with Dale Carnegie Corporate as well. Jendi is quite
adept at combining her experience in mental health with her experience in business relationship development to help her clients achieve success.

Jendi is a Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist and she offers both individual and group grief recovery programs.

She is an athlete, mother, grandmother and proud dog parent and resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Program Manager

Therese Abalo

Therese Abalo

Therese is excited to partner with Blythe coaching. She has a background in professional people development, payroll, and in forming mutually productive relationships that lead to long-term change.

In her personal life, Therese is a nature enthusiast and extremely passionate about animal activism. She also fosters kittens who are most in need of medical care. and actively volunteers in her community.

Therese has a commitment to closing the space between pain and healing, and so she is excited to be apart of your healing journey!

Missy Cormier

Missy Cormier

Missy Cormier is excited to be part of our Breaking Narcissism recovery program.

She is a graduate of the University of New Orleans and was an elementary school teacher for 6 years in both Texas and Louisiana. In 2003, she and her husband, Dr. Chris Cormier, welcomed their first child into the world and they decided that Missy would put her teaching career on hold to raise their children at home. They welcomed two more children into their family and Missy has spent over 19 years raising her children at home with Chris.

In that time frame, Missy and Chris were unknowingly under constant pressure from a narcissistic family member. For over 25 years of their relationship, they spent countless hours trying to appease the demands of this person. Through many hours of counseling over the years, and more recently along with the support and training from Blythe Landry, they discovered the definition of what a narcissist is and now hope to share with everyone their experience so that others can break the cycle of narcissism in their own lives.

Missy is very passionate about serving others who have been subjected to narcissistic abuse and is a vital part of our care team. She is looking very forward to being part of your healing journey and to supporting you in any way she can through this process.

Chris Cormier

Chris Cormier

Dr. Chris Cormier graduated from Louisiana State University in 1994 with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Kinesiology. He continued his education at Texas Chiropractic College in Houston, where he was a member of the Omega Psi Honors Fraternity and received his Doctorate of Chiropractic with Honors in 1998. Dr. Cormier is a licensed Chiropractic Physician in Louisiana and a member of the Chiropractic Association of Louisiana.

Dr. Cormier has also spent his entire career trying to educate his patients and the general public about his scientific discoveries. He is also the author of three books.

Dr. Cormier has been happily married to his wife, Missy, for over 25 years. Unknowingly, until the last few years, were dealing with continuous issues caused by a narcissistic family member. During these years, they spent countless hours trying to appease and deal with the demands of this person. This resulted in many hours of counseling each other and counseling with professionals to no avail. With the support and training from Blythe Landry, they discovered the definition of a narcissist and realized how to properly deal with one. Thus, “Breaking Narcissism” was invented. Now, they hope to share with everyone experience so that others can break the cycle of narcissism in their own lives. Dr. Cormier is eager to use his experience and full recovery from his trauma related to narcissism to support and serve our Breaking Narcissism clients.

Ella Featherstone

Ella Featherstone

Ella is an expert graphic designer and highly experienced social media manager.  She is also a well-established large event producer. She is able to utilize her strong attention to detail, her innovative production skills and her visionary approach to create long-term branding and promotion goals.
Ella is not only highly-skilled on the design and social media side; she is also extremely self-directed and passionate about serving others who need help most.  She is adept at using her passion for social activism into creating messaging that is helpful to our prospective and current clients. She truly thrives in fast-paced environments.
Ella lives in Chicago and enjoys travel, baking, family and friend adventures,  and using her skills and talents toward promoting social causes that matter to her most.

Authenticity - We Are Real

We are people who have experienced deep pain ourselves and have done the hard work of changing our own lives pain and chaos to clarity, peace, and connection. To that end, we not only come with all the degrees and certifications and bells and whistles you may be looking for; but, perhaps more importantly, we come with the productive answers to your hardest questions and the solutions to your deepest hurts.


We don’t play games, and we are quite often direct in our approach.We are here to help you change for the long-term and expect nothing less than the same commitment to honesty from you in our work together. The more we know you - the REAL you - the faster, the more effective and the more efficient our healing support can be. Your life matters to us, and we take your recovery seriously. We want you to take your life and your healing that seriously as well.

Doing It Right, Not Fast

While we want you to achieve all the results you are looking for and we provide in-the-moment solutions; all permanent change takes time. Think of it this way - it has most likely taken you years or even decades to feel as badly as you are feeling right now. It is going to take time to uproot those ineffective behaviors and patterns. Remember that the time will pass whether you are healing or not; so it is always a good idea to do the real work while you still have the time.

All-In Mentality: We Go All In

If you partner with us, we will be totally committed to the healing you want, step-by-step, as you navigate the inevitably choppy waters of growth. We will provide you the safety net and supportive structure you need and deserve both during and between sessions.

Open Access

We not only provide 1:1 coaching and corporate trainings, but we also offer extensive curriculum (like hours and hours of curriculum) that you can choose to utilize to gain the tools, knowledge and systems necessary to break the cycles that are currently keeping you stuck.We believe self-motivation combined with consistent and seasoned professional support are the keys to growth and empowerment.


Our ultimate goal is for you to utilize every resource and every opportunity for we provide and to eventually integrate this into a new core reality. While we welcome any client to stay as long as they desire; we take pride in empowering our clients to obtain total autonomy and to eventually be actualized and free to take all they have achieved with us and to go out into the world and succeed independently of our services.

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