Comprehensive Recovery for Trauma, Grief and Painful Relationships

We specialize in helping you transform life's most difficult hurts, losses, and circumstances into an empowering reality.

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Your Recovery Designer

Blythe Landry is a dually mastered LCSW/MSW and M.Ed. with 20 years-experience helping clients globally recover from trauma, grief, and narcissistic injury.  This work is accomplished through 1:1 client interactions, small-group training, and larger-group, corporate training.  While there is a relational and practice cohesiveness with all direct service work, Blythe meets each client and organization where they are and offers individualized training and recovery interventions based on unique need(s) and goals.

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Our Innovative Approach To Emotional Growth & Recovery

How We Use The E3 Framework To Help You Heal From Life's Most Painful Experiences

Our Recovery Philosophy


We believe that individualized treatment is at the heart of a successful recovery plan. We also continue to evaluate your experience, progress and goals regularly during our work together.


We provide emotional education that gives you the tools, knowledge and coaching to heal at your own pace.


Our ultimate goal for you is to feel empowered independently of our care; and do it with a new sense of self, strength and purpose.

Help We Provide

Here are the things we help our clients overcome.

Narcissistic Relationships
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Trauma Intelligence

Left unaddressed, the deep and painful emotions that result from these unresolved traumas can have a profound and lasting impact.

These ripple effects can disrupt our emotional well-being and diminish our relationships and quality of life.

InTrauma Intelligence, Blythe Landry describes the five major categories of trauma and common mental and physical symptoms associated with traumatic stress.


Corporate Coaching

We help your organization be able to maximize emotional intelligence for employee retention and productivity.

Maximizing & Empowering The Mental Health of Organizations

Working with every size of organization from Fortune 5 corporations to local organization, we teach you and your employees to move through trauma, grief and emotional intelligence through our E3 Framework. This gives your team the necessary tools, skills and knowledge to minimize emotional impact from day-to-day life or tragedies.

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