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Struggling to overcome your past traumas?

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Heartbroken over a major loss?

Career, finances and relationships in jeopardy?

Patterns and addictions that lead to loneliness and isolation?

Pushing everyone that loves you away?

If you answered YES to of these questions...

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Nobody’s story is too painful to be heard or healed. Even yours.

— Blythe Landry, LCSW, M.Ed.

Imagine your life with these outcomes

Addiction Free

Fulfilling Relationships

Improved Self-Esteem

Promotions at Work

Healthier Boundaries

Moving Past Your Past

Improved Finances

Improved Sexual Experiences

Increased Clarity

Healthier Family Relationships

You CAN find joy again.

— Blythe Landry, LCSW, M.Ed.

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Insightful, caring, supportive, honest, straightforward guidance.

Blythe has been by my side.
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I was nearly hopeless due to overwhelming stressors as well as unresolved past traumas before a most fortunate recommendation put me in contact with Blythe. In her I've found a therapist/mentor/coach who is highly intelligent, incredibly authentic, completely non-judgmental, down-to-earth and personally accomplished by her own journey towards achieving a life of well-being. While I've worked with others before, Blythe has been the one who has given me the awareness and tools to empower me transform my life.

Guidance through grief
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Blythe is a wonderful guide to those going through tough times or grieving. She is very insightful, caring and tough at the appropriate times. If you have issues to work through, you should work with Blythe.

Objective Clarity
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By defining the behaviors of family, friends, and colleagues who I have described having the strongest influences on me, Blythe has enabled me to see the people in my life with an objective clarity where I can now process those influences. Through that process I can toss out the negative bits and allow their positive aspects to empower me. The greatest return on Blythe’s counseling has been a single truth that has given me courage to leap into a radical, but logical new stage in my life.

Patient therapist!
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Blythe is an an awesome therapist! She is patient and is very good at helping one find the things that need to be brought to light. She makes me feel safe and not alone in my journey.

You don't just listen, you HEAR me
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Thank you Blythe for making me feel like I matter. You are the first therapist to make me feel like I am talking with a friend. You don't just listen to me, you hear me and for that I am grateful, you are attentive to my concerns. I know what I say to you is confidential. You are an amazing therapist and you are a big inspiration to me. Thank you for you, and thank you for making me feel important.

Hope for the future
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This therapy has meant the world to me. I don’t think I could have survived without it. Blythe has helped me validate my own feelings and realize that, despite my losses, there is hope for the future.

Be myself
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I can talk about anything here. I feel understood and able to be myself.

Feel empowered
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Blythe makes me feel empowered and to look on the bright side of my accomplishments. I trust her perspectives and suggestions, because I feel accepted and understood. I am learning to forgive myself for my past mistakes and addictions and to live my best life.