Trauma Intelligence

Trauma Intelligence Training is essential for anyone who wants to understand trauma and respond to it in more empathic, effective and productive ways.

In the most basic sense, trauma is the reaction to pain. More expansively, it is the experience of something that is deeply troubling or disturbing that yields a strong impact on the person experiencing it. Trauma can be individual or collective. In the case of the current state-of-the world and the pandemic, we are all in a unified state of trauma, grief and loss.

We often think that hurt and pain only impact(s) our personal lives, however, that could not be further from the truth. Trauma impacts us in our work lives equally, if not more than it does personally; as work is one of the things we spend the majority of our lives doing.

Trauma Intelligence Training is an innovative and individualized training program that will help you achieve the following goals:

  • Increase team synergy and productivity through personal awareness and understanding of how one relates to the traumas and challenges in their lives.
  • Improve team-wide communication skills that increase relatability and work-task effectiveness.

  • Identify challenges that increase pressure and decrease work impact. 

  • Learn to integrate new awareness of these traumas and losses into direct practice change and action.

  • Foster more trust and respect within the context of team relationships.

  • Increase passion and drive in the workplace.

  • Minimize pressure and increase mutual team- support.  

  • To help sustain high-level work demands in an environment that is safe, cohesive and mutually-supportive.
  • To increase understanding of team’s needs

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