Three friends sitting on a bench on a wooden dock

Three Ways to Support Your Friend (or Loved One) Who is Grieving

Blythe Landry Guidance

I know I may sound like a broken record, but loss happens. It is an inevitable part of existing. Disappointment, grief, hurt, angst…all of it. It is also an inevitable reality that sometimes people get a more crummy deal than others. That is just a fact. There is no disputing it. Sometimes people lose everyone they know in a year. …

Video: Dealing with the Loss of Loved Ones

Blythe Landry Guidance

Three Tips for Creating Community Out of Crisis 1. Clear Away 2. Care For 3. Connect If you are looking for a professional, confidential, empowering and safe space in which to process your own grief story, I would be honored to help. For a complimentary, 30-minute phone consultation, contact me and refer to this blog.