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Business Spotlight: Meet Lexy Thompson, LPC

Blythe Landry Guidance

I’ve decided that every 6th week, I am going to feature another colleague’s business. Some therapists, some energy healers, some natural health practitioners…and who knows what/whom else. Basically any person or business that I feel is about healing others in this very dark time on our planet, I’ll be sharing with you.

For this week’s spotlight, meet Lexy Thompson, LPC. She specializes in helping clients who deal with recurring and debilitating anxiety. She also is fabulous in many other ways. She writes, she creates, she builds things in her houses with her hubby, and she is just overall a great human.

Be on the lookout for Lexy and I to be sharing some joint videos where we talk about anxiety and PTSD and how we can share some hands-on tools to help you no matter what ailment you are facing at any given time.

Please check out Lexy’s website at Bright Life Counseling. For a free thirty minute consultation with Lexy or myself, please refer to this blog posting!