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Three Ways to Say Goodbye When You Didn’t Get to Say Goodbye

Blythe Landry Guidance

Sometimes life literally makes no sense. Like literally. It just doesn’t make sense. I rarely share much personal stuff in the space of my work, but today, I’m going to – because I think it matters. Yesterday, I found out about the sudden death of a dear friend, James Budd. He has been my business coach, mentor, spiritual teacher, and …

Three tips for how to decide when you can’t decide

Blythe Landry Guidance

If you are interested in developing a stronger relationship with yourself and your own ability to make decisions, I can help!  Contact me today for a complimentary, 30-minute phone consultation by referring to this post.

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Four Tips for Meditating on the Go

Blythe Landry Guidance

Meditation is a major buzz word these days; or maybe it just seems like it because I’m super late to the game. Regardless of which is true, the reality is that there is no time like the literal present to find a way to create increased serenity, calm and mindfulness. And, of course, this doesn’t mean vegging out in front …

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How Vanity Can Help You Keep Your Sanity

Blythe Landry Guidance

This week sucked. Let’s be honest. Between Puerto Rico and Vegas there really are no eloqent words. I don’t have anything brilliant to say about any of it; and I also know that many of you are having big feelings about victims and political leanings and all kinds of things. So let’s not take up too much brain bandwidth with …

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Saintdom is not your life’s journey

Blythe Landry Guidance

I was having a great conversation this morning with my personal business coach, James Budd, when he made me laugh out loud at something he said.  I was talking with him about my own struggles with trying to always be the “good guy,” or do the “right thing” and how it really hasn’t done much to enhance my life except …

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Business Spotlight: Meet Lexy Thompson, LPC

Blythe Landry Guidance

I’ve decided that every 6th week, I am going to feature another colleague’s business. Some therapists, some energy healers, some natural health practitioners…and who knows what/whom else. Basically any person or business that I feel is about healing others in this very dark time on our planet, I’ll be sharing with you. For this week’s spotlight, meet Lexy Thompson, LPC. …

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What do you do when there is no answer — Lessons from my client

Blythe Landry Guidance

Grief. Trauma. Crises. Addiction. Loss. Abuse. All of the above. Sometimes all for one person, sometimes spread out amidst a family. Sometimes the bad things happen, and we simply do not know why. I’m a spiritual person. To the extreme I would say. Not religious. Just spiritual. And, I, on some cellular level believe that everything around us has poignancy …

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5 tips for self-care at a scary time

Blythe Landry Guidance

What can I say other than, what in the HEEEEEEECK IS HAPPENING in our country? For anyone with a sense of decency or even an emotional pulse, it would be quite literally impossible to not be impacted by the heightened sense of fear, bigotry, confusion and chaos going on right now. Political leanings aside, I think most of us can …